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Living History Magazine is a quarterly magazine launching in Summer 2016. Now is your chance to sign up for some great advertising opportunities. We have a projected circulation of 250 subscriptions.

  • Outside Back Cover

    500per issue
    • 8.375X10.875
  • Inside Cover

    400per issue
    • 8.375X10.875
  • 1st Page (full)

    350per issue
    • 8.375X10.875

Discounts are available for multi issue orders, first time advertisers, and other discounts may be available, email for more details.


Advertorials can be written by us, or provided by you. Pricing varies greatly depending on the project, contact for a quote.

Marketplace Ads

Marketplace is affordable advertising specifically targeted to small businesses.

Market place ads are small business card style ads that are 2 1/3 X 1 2/3” each, multiple can be bought to make a larger ad up to a maximum of four. Each space is $10, an additional $5 for full colour (if buying four spots to make a larger ad the $5 colour surcharge is only added once, so for four spots full colour cost would be $45), discounts available for multiple issue purchases. Email for more details.

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