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Magazine Submission Guidelines

We are now accepting submissions of quality articles for Living History Magazine. Articles must be historical, reenactment, living history, or experimental archaeology. We are especially interested in DIY projects and plans, event reports/coverage, historical recipes, in depth historical articles and more. Articles can be up to 2000 words, images are highly encouraged and you must hold the copyright of all images. You must grant us right of first publication (cannot have been published elsewhere).

Word document or text document prefered, images can be in any major format (ie. gif, jpg, tiff, ect.). Images must be full resolution and provided separate from the text (don’t include the images in the word document).

Living History Magazine is a paying market, the amount of payment per article will depend on article length, number of quality pictures, and where the article will be published (online only, online and print, print only). All articles must be original content.

All submissions should be emailed to and should have Magazine Submission as the subject.


Book Submission Guidelines

We are currently accepting book proposals only. Please do NOT send us full manuscripts. Send us a brief description of the project, an author bio, past writing experience (not required), and a sample chapter (up to 50 pages). Email all subissions to with the subject line of Book Proposal.



Please Note the comments section is public, please pass any inquiries about submissions to the appropriate emails listed above.

11 thoughts on “Submission Guidelines

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  2. Mike Ragland

    I have several Historical historical Articles that were never published… But did appear once in a local newspaper…. I’ll be glad to send you one or two if you’re interested… Check my Web Page to view the books I’ve written so far…..

  3. Gaiyaiobi Xzandis-Zaevan

    How does the process for payment process work? Minimum and maximum amounts that are paid for accepted submissions from your company?

    1. publisher Post author

      We prefer to pay with paypal, though that is always negotiable. How much we pay depends very much on the article in question and is negotiated between the author and the publisher at the time of acceptance.

    1. publisher Post author

      May 15th would be the deadline for the Summer 2016 issue. Aug. 15 would be the deadline for the Fall issue, Nov 15 would be the deadline for the Winter Issue, and Feb 15 would be for the Spring issue.

  4. Elisabeth Holland

    Hi, are there particular points in history that you are most interested in? Also, would you be interested in any history that is local to a particular area. For instance, I am from Charleston and would be interested in submitting DIY or recipe entries that hold historical interest to our particular location. Thank you!


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